"One of the greatest pleasure in eating lies in a knowledge of the conditions in which your foodstuffs are prepared."

The Value of Experience

It is well-nigh impossible to over-estimate the value of long experience in any business. Almost invariably it will be found that a firm which is noted for some particular specialty has not only been many years in the trade, but has probably been under the direction of the same family during the whole of its career. Modern methods will have superseded the old, but the old standards of quality and excellence will be found to have been more than maintained, largely on account of the knowledge acquired by any other means.


Five Generations

For more than a century the name of CURTIS has been connected in Lincoln with delicious hand-raised Pork Pies and other Pork Products, for which Lincoln and the surrounding county are justly famed, the present Directors of the Firm representing the fifth generation of the family to be associated with the business. Our reputation, which extends far beyond the county of Lincoln, bears eloquent testimony to the ripe experience which has made possible the production of our celebrated Pork Specialities, etc.

The Secret of it

None but the finest produce of the best Lincolnshire farms is used in the manufacture of our famous products, all of which are prepared under the most hygienic conditions in our own Model Factory, every process being carried through under the personal supervision of the Directors.

In Our Bakehouse

In our Modern Bakehouse everything possible is done to maintain our high standard. Thorough hygiene obtains everywhere, and our numerous patrons therefore have every confidence in the wholsomeness of all our products.

They buy - eat - and ENJOY!