AW Curtis and Son's heritage spans nearly 200 years, with the company having developed from a small family of pork butchers to a local dynasty that is renowned throughout the county for its excellent Lincolnshire produce. Today you will find our delicious goods in our shops that span the breadth of the county, in our mobile shops and in local stockists a brief look back over the company's history shows how we got there.

The roots of AW Curtis & Sons can be traced back to the 1800's when Charles and Rebecca Curtis ran a pork butchers shop in Lincoln. It is from this that the company has blossomed with the following generations continuing the family trade. In 1927 Arthur William Curtis registered the company in his name, trading from the first shop at 164 High Street, Lincoln and slaughtering pigs at the factory in St Marks Yard.


Over the years both the company and the product range have grown, yet the family presence remains strong. No longer simply a pork butcher, the company has succeeded in creating delectable bread, cakes, savory and sweet pastries and sandwiches – delivering some of the finest goods in Lincolnshire. The butchery department has also expanded and we continue the traditional curing process to this day, to maintain the excellent quality of the Lincolnshire specialties we are so proud of.

Expansion has proved prosperous, with the company now boasting a total of 21 shops in Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Newark, Spalding, Louth, Sleaford, Grantham, Boston, Retford and Skegness. Many of which host coffee shops, allowing you to rest your feet on a hectic day and savour some of Lincolnshire's finest goods.

Throughout this expansion and over six generations this traditional family business has maintained an emphasis on exceptional quality and freshness, ensuring the produce is always Lincolnshire's finest. A selection of our premium goods are now also available to purchase from our online store.